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Launching on 3rd March 2014, is a bright and innovative website that goes forth evidently to bring you the classic foundations and latest innovations in wide range of hardware, household, sanitary, stationery and electrical accessories.  Our leadership from Alan Audio & Electronics Pte Ltd with over 20 years of combined experience in senior and sales management,

direct with passion and vision, looking to the future of the industry. With important expertise in sourcing and worldwide distribution system, we bring to your house the finest of function and economy.  We are on the front lines meeting your needs before you are aware of them.  We are working toward and achieving distinction in environmental and sustainability properties.  The future is alight with possibilities and opportunities and we invite you to join us as we pursue them.  We are proud of who we are and invite you to get to know us.  Let us supply you with the means to a brighter and more efficient today as we move together toward a better tomorrow.

With the launch of this new website, is promisingly becoming a useful communication channels and better connection with customers. Particularly, we hopefully serve our partners and customers in the most convenient way to quickly. Just by a very simple click, you will easily find hundreds, or even thousands of of hardware, household, sanitary, stationery and electrical accessories in the category of “Products”. Or you are also be kept updated with the latest purchasing trends that facilitate your house and your work in News”. And if you need any information or any support, please feel free to reach us at Contact Us”

Approaching Alan Audio & Electronics Pte Ltd has never been simple and quick like this before.




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